Be Your Own Boss!

Open your own Ultramega Value Mart!  Be our partner to success and be a part of a fast growing business.

The Ultra Mega Value Mart is a micro-store concept by Ultra Mega Multi Sales. It is a brand new retail franchise concept that can be best described as a cross between a convenience store and a grocery. At 40 to 60 square meters, it has the sizing of the average convenience store but maximizes value by carrying a wider range of products. The likes of which, one would typically find at your nearest grocery store all the while maintaining incredible price points that beat out any small store format of a grocery or convenience store franchise. It’s fueled by the Ultra Mega retail system, integrating it fully into our retail operations through logistics support, promotional efforts, pricing development, advertising and marketing initiatives and the like, ensuring that the Value Marts are unified in presence, efficient in operation while personalized in execution.

Ultra Mega takes its business partners by the hand with a business model that is designed to be both profitable and rewarding, not just for their partners but for the community where it is located.

Ultra Mega Wholesale & Retail Mart  – ang ka-partner mo sa negosyo at household shopping!

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