About Us

About Us

More than 40 years ago, in Binondo, Manila, the heartland of Philippine entrepreneurship, where so many success stories saw their beginning, a small mom and pop shop by the name of ‘LBT Trading’ began selling cosmetics and school supplies on the busy streets of the metropolitan capital.

Ran by a pair of hardworking and dedicated parents and their 9 kids, motivated by the drive to provide a bright future for their children, they worked tirelessly day in and day; slowly developing their humble business and, through sheer determination and passion, growing it into Ultra Mega Multi-Sales, the staple of the wholesale and retail FMCG landscape, as we know it today.

In 1996, To meet with the rapid growth Ultra Mega has seen through the years they expanded to a brand new 1.5 hectare space in Muntinlupa City signifying the first of many large scale distribution centers to meet the demands of their ever growing consumer base as well embarking into their first step into the retail space with the very first Ultra Mega Supermarket.

As we enter the new millennium, there was no stopping Ultra Mega’s growth as the company continued to innovate in the industry expanding to eight locations by the early 2000s from Baliuag, Bulacan to Antipolo City. Forward to today, Ultra Mega has a presence in more than 20 location across Luzon, becoming the pinnacle for the low-cost retail experience and the go-to for the wholesale needs that drive thousands of local enterprises.

Ultra Mega is focused on empowering local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses like never before, through the commitment of the hardworking Ultra Mega Family, their passionate and consumer-centric staff focuses on providing the very best quality products and unparalleled service to meet the demands of the Filipino people and to cultivate the growth of the Philippine retail economy.


Ultra Mega strives to build positive relationships with its customers, partners and suppliers ensuring an experience that focuses on providing the very best quality products at competitive prices while providing world class personalized services that center on an ethos of fostering growth, innovation as well as financial and social responsibility.

To our Valued Customers, Ultra Mega maintains a curated selection of goods that meet the highest of standards of quality while considering the most competitive price points to ensure that every peso is spent wisely to meet the needs of every family, small business owners and anyone who shops at our establishment.

To our Esteemed Business Partners, Ultra Mega aim to provide an innovative product offering that caters to your entrepreneurial needs ensuring that we develop a business that is both financially lucrative while centered on providing quality service, economically responsible products and positive societal impact.

To our Loyal and Trusted Suppliers, Ultra Mega ensures an unwavering commitment to connecting your high quality products to our dedicated consumer base mutually ensuring that we provide the very best that we can offer for the benefit of the Filipino people.


Ultra Mega aims to impact lives through the creation of Jobs and Business Opportunities as well as the distribution and sale of the very best quality products at competitive prices for the enrichment of the lives of the Filipino people.